Försening slamtömning

För tillfället har vi en driftstörning på tömning av slambrunnar i samtliga fem kommuner, med störst påverkan i Lessebo och Tingsryd. Vi arbetar för att komma ikapp så fort som möjligt.

Flowers at a field

Learn more about waste collection

Here you will find information about SSAM, about our vision and what field of responsibility we have as a waste and environmental services company. You can also read about other parties involved in the collection of packaging and newspaper.

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About SSAM

SSAM (Southern Småland´s Waste and Environmental Services) is a regional company responsible for waste collection in the region of Kronoberg - established in 2019. The municipalities of Lessebo, Markaryd, Tingsryd, Växjö and Älmhult own the company in partnership. The partnership is built on cooperation which is necessary to reach our common goal to recycle more to decrease waste. For homeowners, someone who owns their own property (e.g. a house, not an appartment or a company building), this means a new system in form of two bins with four compartments for recycling materials at home. The thought behind this system is to make it easier for people to do the right thing for our resources and for our planet.

Our vision

Our vision is a province – Småland – without waste. We have a plan to decrease the amount of residual and food waste as well as bulky waste with 25 percent by year 2025 which will help us implement our vision.

Learn more about who does what when it comes to waste collection.

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